Interview mit unserer Fremdsprachenassistentin Hannah Haack

Interview der Klasse 7b mit Hannah Haack

1.Please tell us something about yourself (age, hometown, studies, family, languages)

I am 24 years old, and I am from Williamsburg, Iowa. I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2021, where I studied History and German Studies. I have a younger brother, an older sister, and an older brother. I am working on my German skills while living here, and I can also speak a little bit of Spanish.

2.Why did you decide to work as a teaching assistant and do you enjoy teaching in Germany?

I wanted to be a teaching assistant because I really enjoy working with students. I also wanted to work in Germany after graduating from university, so I decided to apply for the Fulbright program. I love teaching in Germany! The students have such fun questions and it is so rewarding to see their language skills improving.

3.What are the differences between the German and the American School System?

One of the biggest differences is after-school activities. In the US, students can do sports, music, drama, and other clubs through their schools. Most kids spend 1-2 hours every day after school doing some sort of activity. Something that I like better about German schools, though, is how early students start learning other languages. In the US, I didn’t start learning my second language (Spanish) until I was 14! Here, I can easily converse with 14 year-olds in English.

4.How long will you be staying at Geschwister- Scholl?

I will be at Geschwister-Scholl until the end of June this year.

5.What advice would you give students who are learning English?

I would tell them to do their homework, but to also do other things outside of class that are fun! There are so many English-speaking (and educational) Youtubers, TikTokers, Netflix shows, etc., where you can practice your English in a way that doesn’t feel so much like classwork. Also, if you get the chance to, you should study abroad, be an au pair, or get a job in another country. It is such a fun experience, and challenges you in so many ways!

6.Have you already had the chance to travel in Germany?

Yes! I have been to a few places. My mom visited me in December, and we went to Munich and Cologne. I also spent part of Christmas break in Hamburg, which I found to be a beautiful city. My friends and I also like to explore smaller cities in Rheinland-Pfalz on the weekends. The German train system makes getting to new cities so easy!

7.What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include traveling, hiking, and playing too much sudoku.

8.Is there anything that surprised you about life in Germany?

One thing that surprised me is how excited students seem to be when they meet me. I can tell they are interested in what I have to say, and they ask the craziest questions. I keep a list on my phone of the best questions I’ve been asked. As for life outside of school, the number of bakeries surprised me. We learned in university that Germans love their bread, but I was not expecting to see a bakery on every street corner! It is amazing!

9.Is there any special food in the US that you miss here in Germany?

In the US, we eat a lot of Mexican food. I miss that so much! I also miss American chocolate chip cookies. On the other hand, I know that I am going to miss German bread and pastries so much when I leave! The bread here is so good, and so much cheaper than in the US.

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